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Definition of dissimulation

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Clearly define dissimulation. dissimulation word, dissimulation pronunciation, dissimulation interpretation, Language book explanation associated with dissimulation. / dis·sim·u·lat·ed, dis·sim·u·lat·ing, dis·sim·u·lates / tr. That will obscure with some sort of feigned visual appeal. Notice Alternatives on disguise. v intr. For you to disguise a person's.
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the later part of 14c., as a result of Out of date Swedish dissimulation (12c.), because of Latin dissimulationem (nominative dissimulatio) "a hiding, concealment," noun from behavior via past participle stalk in dissimulare "make distinct from, cover up, disguise," through dis-"completely" + simulare "pretend, assume, simulate" (see simulation).
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