La llave la bruja un jardin en la tierra - Bloque IV y V | Isisdro Jimenez -

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A mi el carcelero no me daba el diálogo para darle la cerveza.. Solución: Hay que asegurarse de que se dejan todos los objetos en cada visita (la bruja, ned, etc) – yo, no sé porque aun llevaba el agua y la harina al llegar a la carcel, con todo hecho- Hecho eso al hablar con Leela el diálogo es sobre emborrachar al carcelero y ya asi el tipo contesta en condiciones y se toma las beers,, y ya,, Espero esto ayude,, yo le di cien vueltas.

One of the frustrating things at the immigration office is hearing that your documents are approved then later finding there is an issue with getting your residency. This may be due to the levels of reviews by immigration. At the window at immigration you may be dealing with a clerk who reviews everything then states all is in order. That clerk then passes the bundle of documents to their supervisor who probably is more knowledgeable and may find an error. They usually do not call you. You simply find out about the issue on your next visit to immigration. Customer service is not a common trait and many of the clerks think their job is to find an error rather than assisting the expat in meeting compliance. Before you start grousing, remember your frustrations in working with the Department of Motor Vehicles back in the states or Europe?

La Llave La Bruja Un Jardin En La TierraLa Llave La Bruja Un Jardin En La TierraLa Llave La Bruja Un Jardin En La TierraLa Llave La Bruja Un Jardin En La Tierra