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We like to let our imagination run wild and fantasize about setting out across the Caribbean outfitted in our signature Halloween Costumes. But short of acquiring a time machine, that's just not too likely to happen. In all seriousness, a pirate theme is one of the most fun and most creative ways to deck your family out in a family group theme. Whether you create an elaborate backstory, or actually go on a treasure hunt with your young buccos, there's sure to be plenty of treasured memories created. In fact, we highly recommend setting up a treasure hunt, just substitute candy for the gold, and your little ones will love it! With just a touch of extra effort (and great costumes!) you too will be able to take your pirate costume experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Jack reaches a deal with Barbossa to operate a pirate fleet, but suddenly frees Will and duels Barbossa, while Elizabeth and Will fight off Barbossa's crew. Barbossa stabs Jack, but the latter is revealed to be under the curse, having taken a piece of gold from Cortez’s chest. Jack reveals the deception as a coup to win back the Pearl . Jack shoots Barbossa, and Will drops both coins into the chest, with his and Jack's blood on them. The curse is lifted, causing Barbossa to die from Jack's gunshot; the rest of Barbossa's crew, realizing that they are no longer immortal, surrender and are arrested.

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This 'hidden treasure' actually inspired the author Robert Louis Stevenson when he was writing the famous book Treasure Island.

To put this in perspective, if Newton played a pirate from Boston, we'd all be imagining pirates shouting "wicked pissah" as they boarded enemy ships.

Johnny Kidd The Pirates Whole Lotta WomanJohnny Kidd The Pirates Whole Lotta WomanJohnny Kidd The Pirates Whole Lotta WomanJohnny Kidd The Pirates Whole Lotta Woman