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However, housing minister Grant Shapps believes the English figure is too low - arguing that, under the previous government's system, councils with fewer than 10 rough sleepers were not obliged to count them, and that vagrants sitting up in sleeping bags were not counted as homeless.

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Now answer Numbers 1 through 8. Base your answers on the story "A Letter from New York."

From whose point of view is this story told?

  Ms. Alvarez’s Aunt Julia’s Yoshiko’s Eddie’s
Yoshiko is in New York City because

  she won the trip in an essay contest. she is visiting her Aunt Julia. Ms. Alvarez invited her to visit TeenSay Magazine. she wants to be a reporter someday.

How would you describe Ms. Alvarez? Use details from the story to support your answer.

What conclusion can you draw about Yoshiko and Aunt Julia?

  They do not have a very good relationship. They are close and share their experiences with each other. Yoshiko writes to her aunt because her mother wants her to. Yoshiko and her aunt travel together frequently.

Where does Yoshiko’s adventure begin?

  at the TeenSay offices at home in New York City at the airport

  Read this sentence from the story.   She also loved planning and organizing events.
What does organizing mean?
attending taking part in arranging observing

What are some of the differences between New York and Yoshiko’s hometown?  
Use details from the story to support your answer.

  Read this sentence from the story.   She said that she still occasionally writes an article for them, but she loves what she does now.

What is a synonym for the word occasionally?
sometimes frequently never always

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Practice Reading Test Answer Section

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