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hi there! the greatest thing i think you can do is set the example and keep shining your light on to them! keep loving on them and showing them grace. i was the first one saved in my family and my love for going to church and how much God was working in my life made my mom super interested. she ended up getting saved 6 months after me! nothing is impossible for God! continue to pray for them. and when you see someone hurting or in need, be the one to step up. every small act of love and grace makes a great difference. they will watch your actions and judge God based off of you. it’s so hard, i know that! it may seem like a lot of pressure at times! but take heart. when you mess up, show them that it’s all the more reason why you love to have God in your life. anything can be used as a platform for His glory! God’s got this friend! 

Love Keep On ShiningLove Keep On ShiningLove Keep On ShiningLove Keep On Shining