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France Gall's vindictive lyrics are supported by the well-known jazz band led by Gogo (the same group with whom Gainsbourg was recording at the time). The song's emphasis on brass and percussion is regarded as being integral to its success. Fondness within the English-speaking world for the "French pop sound" makes the song continue to be popular to this day. It was also recently covered by the French singer Mareva Galanter in an explicit reference to the Yé-yé style. The song is also covered by Fabienne Delsol on her first solo album, No Time For Sorrows (2004). The San Francisco-based yé-yé revival band, Rue '66, covered the tune for their debut in 2011.

France Gall BabacarFrance Gall BabacarFrance Gall BabacarFrance Gall Babacar