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"Louie Louie," an R&B calypso tune about a homesick sailor, was written and recorded by Los Angeles singer Richard Berry in 1956 and became a short-lived regional hit in California. The song was rediscovered a few years later by bands in the Seattle area. Rockin' Robin Roberts and the Wailers recorded it, and it became a regional hit in the Northwest in 1961. It was that version that became one of the most popular tunes in the Kingsmen's repertoire.

Wand was started as the rhythm & blues subsidiary of Scepter Records, but also included rock artists like the Kingsmen and Don & the Goodtimes, as well as a few reissues of bands such as the Animals and the Beach Boys. Owner Florence Greenberg sold Wand, along with Scepter Records, to Springboard International in 1976. Since that time, the Springboard/Wand masters have been obtained by Gusto Records in Nashville, Tennessee.

The first Wand label (far left) was white with red printing. The top quarter of the label was black with "wand" in gold directly above the center hole. This general label design was used from WDM/WDS-650 to WDS-698. The address under the Wand logo was "1650 Broadway, New York, ." in the early days, and "254 W. 54th St., ., ." for most of the life of the label. Obviously, the issue of Born in Canada shown here used an early label blank. The second Wand label (near left) was orange, with a new, stylized Wand logo on the right side of the center hole. This was used for WDS-699 and WDS- 6100. Promotional labels (far left) used the same design, with ". Copy - Not for Sale" overprinted and black lettering for the song titles and other information. After Wand was sold to Springboard, Springboard re-issued many of the Wand albums using the same design as the first Wand label, but with black lettering. These reissues also mentioned Springboard on the record jackets.

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The Kingsmen The ClimbThe Kingsmen The ClimbThe Kingsmen The ClimbThe Kingsmen The Climb