Willem a nyland improvisations - Beelzebub s Tales to His Grandson - Gurdjieff

Beijerinck, Martinus Willem (1861-1931) Beij. Beijerinck. Beintema, K. (pub. 1934) Beintema. Beintema. Beisenherz, M. (pub. 1998) Beis. Beisenherz. Bejlin, J. (pub ...

...was known for his clarity and seriousness as an early student of Gurdjieff in America. He applied Gurdjieff's teaching in his life and reached a level of development recognized by all who met him. He always placed the emphasis on Gurdjieff's own teachings and books, with little reliance on secondary material. In particular, he stressed the importance of making efforts to understand All and Everything, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, and insisted that the book be read three times exactly as Gurdjieff indicated. He also taught the specific methods for Working on oneself which he had learned from A. R. Orage and Gurdjieff, and that it was necessary to actually apply Gurdjieff's methods of Work in daily life rather than merely thinking and feeling about the Ideas.

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Willem A Nyland ImprovisationsWillem A Nyland ImprovisationsWillem A Nyland ImprovisationsWillem A Nyland Improvisations