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Discerning influences on Anselm’s work is for the most part conjectural, precisely because Anselm makes so few references to previous thinkers in his work. In the preface to the Monologion he writes: “Reexamining the work often myself, I have been able to find nothing that I have said in it, that would not agree [ cohaereat ] with the writings of the Catholic Fathers and especially with those of the blessed Augustine.” ( S . v. 1, )

Early sketch and final art
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I’m following up last week’s Kirkus Q&A with Matt Tavares with some preliminary images, as well as a bit of final art, from Red & Lulu (Candlewick, December 2017).

Elizabeth Montgomery, the actress that played Samantha, actually got sick and tired of being asked to twitch her nose by her fans that she refused to do it after the series was over.

According to the Gospel of John, Andrew and one other of the disciples had first been disciples of John the Baptist.

The disciples were more interested in telling Jesus' story than in telling their own, but we do know a few things about some of them.

Jesus nicknamed Simon Peter , and the nickname stuck.

Peter, Andrew, James and John were commercial fishermen. They (or their families) owned their own boats. James and John were the sons of Zebedee, and this John may be the person who wrote the Fourth Gospel, the Gospel of John.

Andrew and Philip have Greek names and spoke Greek to the travelers who came from Greece to hear Jesus preach. They may have had Greek relatives or Greek or Roman educations.

Matthew had been a tax collector, a disrespected way of earning a living in those days. Tax collectors were not allowed to testify in court, because everyone believed they were totally dishonest.

Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot may have been political activists, belonging to some of the many groups that wanted to overthrow the Roman government. The Jews at that time wanted very much to have a Jewish king and Jewish courts that understood their beliefs and the way they observed the religious laws.

We only know Thomas's nickname: both Thomas in Aramaic and Didymus in Greek mean twin. He may have had an actual twin brother - or he may have looked so much like Jesus that everyone joked that he was Jesus' twin brother. Nowhere in the Gospel accounts does anyone mention that Thomas had a twin brother or sister.

What we know for sure about all the disciples is that they all left their livelihoods and commitments to follow Jesus as he traveled around the country, preaching, teaching, and healing.

You remember that whole thing about being 500 calories below your maintenance level through a proper diet, cardio exercise or a combination of both? We'll, that is what causes the body to lose fat. Eventually the fat that you lose will be the fat that is on your stomach. When this happens, your wonderful six pack abs will be visible and you will have the flat stomach and ripped washboards and sexy cores and all sorts of toned sculpted chiseled things... of your dreams.

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When her mother makes a shocking request, sheltered Ava struggles with reality, escaping into a dream world where she summons …

The dress code for women is governed by a strict interpretation of Islamic law and is enforced to varying degrees across the country. The majority of women wear an abaya – a long cloak – and a head scarf. The face does not necessarily need to be covered, ”much to the chagrin of some hardliners“, says The Economist . But this does not stop the religious police from harassing women for exposing what they consider to be too much flesh or wearing too much make-up.

He has promised a tax cut that will, by one estimate, reduce federal revenue by $7 trillion over 10 years. He has promised an infrastructure initiative that may cost an additional trillion. He has promised to rebuild the military. He has effectively promised not to make changes in Social Security and Medicare. And he has promised to move swiftly toward a balanced federal budget.

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Six Impossible Things Six Impossible ThingsSix Impossible Things Six Impossible ThingsSix Impossible Things Six Impossible ThingsSix Impossible Things Six Impossible Things